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Recommended by Sakrit Karmacharya, Lalitpur   
The time spent in Malpi has been quite influential, to say the least, to me, both as a student and a person. The competitive atmosphere I’d found myself in has done a wondrous job in shaping the driven and focused character that I’ve come to aspire after. The other, characteristic side to Malpi that manifests in the enthusiasm of the student council, the faculty members and the students themselves, often in illustrious projects such as the 2017 Malpi Cup, has definitely been something to behold, and has, not only made Malpi that much more memorable, but has also been much impactful in teaching a sincere respect for creative synergy and meaningful interactions. All in all, it has been a much meaningful two years.
Pulling off a top in Nepal is not something I might have ever deemed feasible for myself. To be able to do so, especially in a subject I do very much enjoy investing myself in, is very much a fulfilling experience. My sincerest thanks to everything and everyone that deserves credit for helping me get here.

Sakrit Karmacharya
Nepal Topper, Computer Science
Best Across Four Cambridge International AS Level
November 2017 Session
Recommended by Priyanka Karki, Baluwatar   
When someone asks me what my biggest achievements are, I simply answer them,' bagging experiences and learning from my mistakes.' My 2 years in Malpi has been absolutely phenomenal. In Malpi, I was taught by an excellent set of experienced teachers who are very motivating and are dedicated to help us reach our potentials. The management was always keen to listen to our ideas and they always made sure they fulfilled all our meet able demands. Being the country topper in GP, hosting several intra and inter college tournaments, competitions, working as the Student Council President have been some of my biggest achievements but most of all, getting chances to learn from my mistakes, experiencing some surreal moments outside the books and being handed with so many opportunities and duties in my college has been my biggest achievements. Malpi is not just a regular college. It enhances your capabilities and helps you grow as a person.

As I graduate from Malpi now, I am not leaving with just academic excellency awards, but experiences that has made me more confident. I am graduating with the willingness to strive for more and as a better person. 
Priyanka Karki
Ex- President of Student Council
Nepal Topper, General Paper


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